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Design & Strategy
Project based

I worked directly with Ilter, the CEO of Blys, at Domain, where he was a product manager. I seized the opportunity to help Ilter out with his new business, which became a tremendous success in Australia.

Ilter’s product at the time was still very much in the MVP stage, and he wanted me to come in and take a fresh direction with the brand. He asked for a complete redesign of their desktop and native mobile apps to lend them a more established feel within the market.

Ilter was the dream client. He had complete trust in me due to our past experience, which really helped streamline the process. This project, typically a minimum 6-month task for a full-time designer, was completed in less than 2 months and proved instrumental in taking the company to the next stage.


  • Branding
  • New Web App
  • App Redesign
  • Animation

Tools used

  • Adobe AI (Brand)
  • Figma (UI)
  • Miro (UX)
  • Principal (Interaction)
  • Maze (Testing)

Brand direction makeover

I created a bold and sophisticated brand, designed to fit in the visual style of the wellness industry and tailored with a female demographic in mind.

A subtle smile in the wordmark reflects the feeling of “bliss”

Product Design


A streamlined registration process

We played around with a few variations before settling on the primary experience of a new user booking their first massage, rather than a typical signup flow. The questions required when making a booking were used for pre-fill, helping us to skip the signup process so that users could land directly in their dashboard after making a booking.


Adding comfort to the booking flow

An at-home massage is a new concept for most people, and many felt sceptical about the service and therapist quality, which led to some drop-off. Our new flow helped the user view some background on their therapist, pick a time slot that suited them, and provided a boost for add-on services that were previously purchased in person.


A home to manage bookings & therapists

The new clean and minimalist dashboard and app homepage was designed with a focus on managing bookings and encouraging rebooking with past therapists. We also incorporated subtle promotions for the business, including highlighting when a therapist’s prices were reduced in order to boost that therapist’s individual bookings.

Your booking

Bridging the communication gaps

One of the biggest pain points for the current users was tracking the booking on the day. Naturally, things come up, times need to be changed, and there are questions to be asked. As a result, we implemented an updated booking system similar to the Uber booking experience that users were already familiar with.

Therapist Profiles

Introducing unique therapist profiles

As the company moved away from predetermined therapist and user pairings, the need arose for a more in-depth therapist profile. Therapists could now customise the appearance of their profile, add an introduction and key skills, and, most importantly, showcase past booking reviews in order to stand out amongst their fellow therapists.

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